The birth of an active sleep floor through collaboration between “Rembrandt” and “Paramount Bed”!

Paramount Bed Co., Ltd. developed the new brand “Active Sleep” with the idea of “leading a positive and active life by getting the best sleep that suits each person”, and “Good quality sleep” as a new lifestyle proposal. This floor was born from the hotel’s desire to provide

Active Sleep Floor A comfortable sleeping experience. “Active Sleep BED” installed in all rooms on one floor


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Japan’s first!! Introduced “Active Sleep BED” in all guest rooms on the first floor! !

The “Active Sleep Floor” on the 12th floor is a floor dedicated to sleep, and for the first time in Japan, Active Sleep BEDs (19 beds in total) have been installed in all guest rooms on a single floor. Equipped with a rain shower with a highly relaxing effect, we offer comfortable sleeping rooms exclusively for those who want to experience sleep like never before and heal their daily fatigue.

single : 17 rooms
twin : 1 rooms

●IoT concept room specializing in sleep(1rooms)

You can operate the TV, air conditioner, curtains, lights, air purifier, and humidifier in the guest room by voice. “Active Sleep App” and “Home Link” [*Link Japan Co., Ltd.] are linked. We have introduced equipment that allows you to customize the bedroom environment by operating fixtures and home appliances according to your sleeping state.

●Sleep measurement service

You can see your sleep score for the day from the tablet provided in your room, and if you wish, we will give you your sleep data at the front desk when you check out.

Active Sleep BED
Active Sleep BED

Active Sleep BED

Active Sleep BED

You have a comfortable sleeping angle. A new proposal called “sleep angle”.

“Sleeping angle” that sleeps at an angle instead of sleeping flat. For example, at night when it is difficult to fall asleep. Raising the back of the bed a little will help you breathe easier and feel better. You can also relax, change your clothes, relieve swollen feet, etc. Once you discover the joy of an Active Sleep BED, you may never want to go back to the days of just lying flat.

Active Sleep BED

The bed automatically operates quietly and slowly while you sleep

The Active Sleep BED, which is angled to help you fall asleep, automatically moves very quietly and very slowly when it senses that you have fallen asleep. It flattens the bed during deep sleep, making it easier to toss and turn, which is necessary for a good night’s sleep. the bed moves. That’s all it takes to make life more active.

Active Sleep MATTRESS

A new concept of adjusting the firmness of the mattress

hard or soft. Choosing a mattress with no correct answer ends with this one piece. Hard or soft, you can get both. Active Sleep MATTRESS’s “Sleep Comfort Control” allows you to freely change the optimal sleep comfort according to your physical condition for the day with the remote control of the smartphone app.

Active Sleep APP

The angle of the bed, the firmness of the mattress, the check of your sleep, all with your smartphone.

You can change the angle of the bed, adjust the firmness of the mattress, and use your smartphone as a remote control to set your sleeping style according to your physical condition that day. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is check my smartphone. It grades how you slept last night and gives you a little advice. Now, how should we sleep? Before you know it, you should have a desire to improve your sleep.


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