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A restaurant with a free and modern street space. After opening as a breakfast venue, it transforms into a time system cafe!
Breakfast hours 7:00 ~ 10:00 (Last entry 9:30)
Breakfast buffet price Special price for hotel guests
1,100yen(tax included)
general use
1,200yen(tax included)

※Breakfast tickets are sold at the front desk. You can purchase it even if you are not staying at the hotel or if you have made a reservation without breakfast.(Please note that we may not be able to guide you depending on the reservation status.)

In-store seats

A space where you can relax without getting tired even if you stay for a long time, with chairs and sofas where you can relax while being surrounded by wood and greenery where you can feel the warmth of nature and books.


terrace seats

Terrace seats with wood deck and greenery. Enjoy an elegant breakfast while gazing at the city of Atsugi. On sunny days, you can also see Mt. Daisen. Please enjoy the open roof top terrace.


The buffet menu includes about 60 types of Western dishes, Japanese dishes, and desserts.

Salad / Fruit

Breakfast is the most important part of starting an energetic day. Start your day with a well-balanced breakfast full of vitality while consuming plenty of vitamins and minerals from fresh vegetables and colorful fruits.

Japanese side dish, Western side dish

We offer a Japanese side dish menu using fresh ingredients and a variety of Western food items that suit a variety of lifestyles. From standard items such as bacon and sausages to grilled fish and natto, the lineup is rich in variety that will delight both Japanese and Western food lovers.

bread and soup

Three types of bread are available. We also have a toaster “BALMUDA” that has a reputation for reproducing the taste of freshly baked from the kiln. Enjoy an elegant breakfast on a busy morning with soup that warms you to the core.

Drink bar (15 types of coffee, soft drinks, etc.)

In addition to coffee and American espresso, we also offer matcha latte using “Tsujiri”, a Uji tea specialty store founded in 1860 in Gion, Kyoto. Wake up to a drink on the terrace on a sunny day

Menu example

※Depending on the purchase situation, the contents may change.

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2-1-6 Nakamachi, Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan 243-0018

TEL: 046-244-5215