Stay type time system cafe

Rembrally Cafe

A free space where lifestyles “gather”

It is said that the origin of the place name of Atsugi City is that Atsumegi (trees to be collected) was transformed from the fact that there used to be a lumber distribution center along the river. A free space where various lifestyles such as people living and working in this city “gather” was born.

Rembrally Cafe

in a comfortable space

A new style cafe where you can enjoy a time system according to your purpose such as work, rest, reading. Please enjoy your favorite time in a comfortable space.

Rembrally Cafe

Transformed into a time system cafe!

The restaurant space “REMBRALLY CAFE” on the 3rd floor will transform into a timed cafe after opening as a breakfast venue! Coffee, soft drinks, all-you-can-drink soup, books and power outlets are also available!

Rembrally Cafe

Free and modern street space

It is a free and modern street space that can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as business use such as telework, reading, hobbies, and meetings.

Rembrally Cafe

natural interior

A space where you can relax without getting tired even if you stay for a long time, with chairs and sofas where you can relax while being surrounded by wood and greenery where you can feel the warmth of nature and books.

Rembrally Cafe

as a nomad cafe

You can freely use the Wi-Fi environment and the power strips on the tables, so you can concentrate on your work while charging at the counter seats.

Rembrally Cafe

Open roof top terrace

There is a wooden deck and a terrace seat where greenery spreads. When the weather is nice, you can also relax outdoors.

Guide to Rembrary Cafe

business hours : 10:00~22:00(open all year round)
price : Threes member first 30 minutes 250yen / Every 15 minutes thereafter 125yen
non-member    first 60 minutes 500yen / Every 30 minutes thereafter 250yen
free service : Free Wi-Fi, rooftop terrace, USB/power outlets, coffee selection/soft drinks, soup bar, library
Paid service : Various alcohol (wine, beer)

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2-1-6 Nakamachi, Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan 243-0018

TEL: 046-244-5215